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7 New Free Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail’s Upcoming Update!

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In the upcoming Penacony update for Honkai Star Rail, scheduled for release on February 7th, players can anticipate an array of exciting new features, with the introduction of a brand-new region being a highlight.

As part of the update, a total of seven new free light cones will be integrated into the game, offering players the opportunity to acquire them without any cost. These light cones will become available with the release of patch 2.0 and will be obtainable through various in-game activities.

The seven new light cones will be accessible through the Forgotten Hall/Memory of Chaos shop, providing players with the chance to enhance their gameplay experience. To obtain these light cones, players can engage in activities such as completing the Echo of War (weekly bosses) or clearing Memory of Chaos stages on a regular basis to earn the necessary currency for acquisition.

Among the new additions are four-star light cones, each offering unique abilities and benefits to players. These light cones are designed to bring additional depth and strategy to the gameplay experience, with the potential for amplified effects through max superimposition.

One of the newly revealed light cones, tentatively named ‘Abundance’, presents an increase in the wearer’s break effect by 24%. Additionally, the wearer’s basic attacks will restore an amount equal to 2% of maximum HP plus 800 for themselves, further enhancing their combat capabilities.After the wearer executes a basic attack, skill, or ultimate, all allies receive a buff called “Childishness” that boosts the damage dealt by the specific ability used by 12%. This effect applies only to the most recent ability used by the wearer and cannot be accumulated.

Equipping this item increases the wearer’s attack by 12%. Furthermore, landing a critical hit on enemies grants the wearer a stack of “Fortune,” which can be stacked up to 4 times. Each stack of Fortune enhances the wearer’s critical damage by 8%. However, Fortune will be removed at the end of the wearer’s turn.

The next item to be discussed is “Destruction.”- If the wearer loses more than 25% of their maximum HP in a single attack or consumes more than 25% of their maximum HP, they will be immediately healed for 15% of their maximum HP. Additionally, their damage dealt will increase by 25% for 2 turns. This effect can only be triggered once every 3 turns.

“Preservation” increases the wearer’s effect resistance by 12%. For every 100 points of defense the wearer has, the damage dealt is increased by 0.8%, up to a maximum increase of 32%.

“Erudition” increases the wearer’s attack by 16%. When the wearer’s attack affects at least 2 enemies with corresponding weaknesses, their critical damage increases by 20% for 2 turns.

“Nihility” grants the wearer a stack of “Trick” when they inflict a debuff on an enemy. Each stack of “Trick” increases the wearer’s damage dealt by 6%, up to a maximum of 3 stacks. This effect lasts for 1 turn. Additionally, when the wearer’s effect hit rate is 80% or higher, their attack is increased by 20%.

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